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Aerial Alchemy:
An 8-week Transformative {Virtual} Performance Series

Aerial Alchemy is MADE for you if you want to make significant space for, or continue to cultivate, aerial dance in your life. Whether you have secret dreams to perform, teach, or just enjoy flying for yourself then this program has been carefully and lovingly curated FOR YOU.

Aerial Alchemy is the first program of its kind, focusing on all the pieces that make aerial dance magical. This is a full-on aerial mentorship program and course. The soul connection through the heart space AND the shiny and sparkly aerial routine you are proud to show off are all included here.

Reconnect with your aerial heart and take your aerial practice from uninspired to magical!

An 8-week Transformative {Virtual} Performance Series

Aerial Alchemy is for the intermediate to advanced aerialist who knows this is make-or-break time with strength, skills and stamina. Join us if you think “pandemic be damned!” and want to safely continue on your aerial journey, you have access to a safe rigging point and mat, and are willing to be courageous. When we come out of this, you will be ready to take the stage or command of the classroom if you so choose!

We encourage you to dream big because these 8 weeks of Aerial Alchemy will get you closer than ever to your wildest aerial dreams!

We are honored to invite you to spend the next eight weeks with us. We can’t think of a better way to finish 2020 than connecting your heart, mind, and soul with your body in the air!

Aerial Alchemy begins October 20 and we fly through December 18 (*no class November 26). The series will culminate in a video/virtual performance opportunity!

Aerial Alchemy will be palpable and transformational, are you ready?

During these eight weeks, you can expect to cultivate creativity and elevate your aerial arsenal of skills, learn and polish a piece of aerial choreography, work on endurance, and gain understanding of yourself in the air. YOU will learn to embody the grace, ease and fluidity of movement you notice in your favorite aerial performers. At the end, you will dance a piece of choreography more connected and feeling more confident and beautiful than you ever have! This is the magic you dream of in the air.

This includes:

  • 90-minute virtual classes twice a week via Zoom (recorded for replay – though it is most HIGHLY recommended you join live). Our first session will be 2 hours.
  • Weekly guidance mentoring and feedback on your creative process for routine creation. 
  • Eight weekly modules for lifestyle, stretch, injury prevention, and more.
  • Option to perform in our online showcase, and occasionally select pieces will be invited to perform in person* if you are within reasonable driving distance to Austin and can meet the COVID-safety procedures of our Venue, the Dove Stage Project.
  • Private Facebook group community engagement and support

You will need:

  • Access to a safe rigging point and mat
  • Create the time and space for this multidimensional process
  • Aerial notebook and pen (Bring to all sessions)
  • Facebook account for participation
  • An open heart and mind, willingness to dive in courageously to this mind-body practice and community sharing
  • Time to devote to creating and cultivate these habits, rituals and practices into your life
  • three aerial practice sessions per week (including our two classes and at least one additional time)

If you are ready to dive into Aerial Alchemy, register here!

Our sessions will focus on:

  • Performance foundations and development
  • Mentorship
  • Inspiration
  • Community
  • Greater freedom in your body through aerial movement
  • Purpose for your practice
  • Finding your voice through aerial dance
  • Nutrition tips that focus on aerial athlete lifestyle to stay in the air for years and decades
  • The inner and outer habits to experience all the FEELS of beauty and bad-assery in the air (with maybe a touch of ritual and witchery thrown in)
  • Lifestyle habits and rituals for athletic success and creativity cultivation
  • Shiny new moves, sequences and transitions and the integration of these skills into a true dance that feels as badass and beautiful as it looks
  • Cultivating your own creativity so you can make stuff up out of nowhere like magic, turning your improv moments into performance-worthy creations (confession-this is often how I choreograph for my clients)
  • Performance quality as it differs between video and stage and how to cultivate that “IT” factor
  • Preparing to film your new piece

We are so excited to work with you. This is a $2000 value! 

But amidst these strange times especially, we want to make aerial arts accessible and your aerial goals attainable, so here’s the deal…

$825 or (3) payments of 280

BUT, if you register by Friday, October 16th at 6pm CST, we are happy to offer the series for…

$750 or (3) payments of $255

*In person performances will be Covid-safe, with distancing and sanitization protocols. More details available upon request.

Registration is open UNTIL OCTOBER 19th.

Very limited space available!
Click here to sign up