This year Four Elements Aerial and Creative Movement will host four Aerial Alchemy intensives, each one offered only once in 2021.

This spring we dance with grace!

If aerial dance is in your heart and sets your soul on fire…

If you have been feeling stuck with challenging conditioning, or disconnected from your practice and want something to strive towards…

If badass and beauty in the air are where you feel at home OR where you want to be…

Badass and beauty will be our themes as we dance our hearts out, connect as a community, inspire and get inspired, all while focused on refining technique for the most beautiful iteration of your choreography. You will transcend from this round of Aerial Alchemy: Choreography with a polished piece of choreography you will be proud to share.

Join us for Aerial Alchemy: Grace! This program is 6-weeks and begins late spring.

An 6-week Transformative {Virtual} Performance Series

Badass and beauty will be our themes as we dance our hearts out, connect as a community, inspire and be inspired, and work towards a polished piece as we transcend from this round of Aerial Alchemy: Grace.

-Weekly 90-minute classes (recorded for your anytime replay)

-ALL NEW bi-weekly wellness modules focusing on what supports aerial training. Each session will be customized to the group and may include  nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress, mood and more. 

-Bi-weekly restorative sessions that give back to your body and prepare it for building strength and stamina we need to create aerial badassery. This includes, rest, rolling out, releasing muscles, nutrition specifics to help the muscles and body recover and activate parasympathetic nervous system response. Rest, digest, and repair!

-2 video review sessions. These are one of the favorite additions to the last round and the most powerful learning tools for aerial alchemists. 

-Facebook group for participation, connection, accountability, inspiration, aerial community and friendship. 

-Weekly practice prompts. These may include aerial moves, choreography, transitions, conditioning, character development, fabric theory or exercises to cultivate skills. Every cycle will be different. (If you liked Dare to Air you will love your prompts!)

-Two Q&A sessions

-Optional end of session virtual performance!

-Discounted private sessions and extra video review sessions available

-Discounted admission to other Four Elements workshops

We are growing up! This next round includes applications.


What is Aerial Alchemy: Grace going to feel like?

Through exploration of your own voice and movement style in this choreography-specific intensive, we will guide you to grow in deeper connection to yourself and magical expression in the air. We will work with compassion to cultivate confidence, fluid transitions in the air, and healthy habits to support restoration and self-understanding. You will feel free as you fly in a sparkling fresh choreography routine! Your vitality will transcend from the Air to the Earth, and all places between, as you become an Aerial Alchemist.

Every Aerial Alchemist needs a plan. Set yourself up for success in Aerial Alchemy: Grace!

Schedule 5-6 hours per week for training related activity:
-90 minutes of class time (1x weekly)
-90 minutes of additional practice time (1-2x weekly)
-30 minutes daily for non-aerial tasks related to aerial success (5 days weekly)
-Aerial notebook
-Food journal is highly recommended and we will offer a template 

*3 x weekly aerial practice is ideal for your continued development*

You will NEED access to the following:
-Safe rigging
-a good aerial mat
-a person in the general vicinity nearby incase of emergency (best practices)
*Please take the time to educate yourself on rigging safety. I highly recommend learning from the leading industry expert, Delbert Hall. He recently launched an online rigging course with individual modules. 

This time around we will focus on a piece of choreography that LOOKS and FEELS flowy, graceful and beautiful, and refine it to performance quality.

Have you ever looked at a beautiful aerialist and wondered how you get those lines, shapes, transitions and that intangible aerial magic? THAT is what we do HERE. 

The devil IS in the details. We will be demystifying and taking the devil out, so you get all those intangibles that make the dance angelic.

Join us for wellness, a little woo, lots of gorgeous aerial dance. Let’s make 2021 your aerial year together in Aerial Alchemy!

If you are ready to fly into Aerial Alchemy: Grace, apply now!

Very limited space available!